CKS This & That Antiques and Collectibles

Attention: Vendors wanted!

  Here at CKS This and That, we have something called the Dill Room. In it, vendors can use our spacious Dill Room cases. Floor space is also available. Here's what you need to know:

  • This offer is open to any antique or collectible item dealer/vendor.

  • No "yard sale" items.

  • No consignments accepted.

  • Dill Room Cases are 6 ft. wide, 2 ft. deep, floor-to-ceiling, and have lockable glass doors if needed.

  • Use of a case costs $100 without a lock, $110 with a lock.

  • They are very versatile and can fit a variety of items.

  • Contact us for available floor space.

  • We can move things to accommodate items of any size (within reason).

  • No commission on sales.
Space is available for vendors here at CKS This and That